Video Production

Captivate and wow audiences with beautiful videography from Pitts Media. From pre-production to post, video production with Pitts Media is turnkey and engaging. We’re experts in B2B, B2C, and internal company materials. We’re here to help companies show off what they do best with great video content.

& Video Production

Pitts Media has been providing Birmingham, Alabama, and the greater Southeast videography and video production services for over 10 years.

Creating a video with Pitts Media is straightforward and seamless. We collaborate with your team to create compelling promotional content, event videos, and more.

Drone Video

Audio Post-Production

Commerical Video

Commercials for Radio

Commercials For Television

Company Profile Video

Corporate Video

Production Video

Lifestyle Video


Safety Video

Trade show Video

Training Video

3D Animation & Motion Graphics

E-commerce Content

Drone Videography

Aerial drone video is the only way to show off big scale projects. Real estate and hospitality clients really benefit from getting the unique drone perspective. Pitts Media was founded on aerial photography, and we always enjoy getting back to our roots.

Commercial Videography

Commercials are tried and true advertising and still widely used in many industries. If you think your business is ready to produce its own commercial, Pitts Media can help guide you in that process to make a top level piece of media that’s sure to wow clients.

Audio Post-Production

Audio Post-Production is a must step for any piece of audio these days. Let our talented audio engineers apply that level of finesse that gives your media a smooth sound from beginning to end.

Commercial for Radio & Television

Commercials for Radio & Television aren’t dead yet, and we’re happy to help you craft a message that resounds with your target audience through their preferred media avenue. Our ads are modern and engaging, with high quality images, sound and voice-over work.

Company Profiles

A solid company profile video can help potential clients understand your business ethos and overall strategy in clear terms. We can help you hone an existing message or craft a whole new one.

Corporate Video

Corporate Videos, internally or externally focused, can provide better insight to your approach on business. Explain what makes your outlook unique, or just share some interesting company history with media designed to tell your story.


E-Commerce is growing everyday, and if you don’t want to get left behind you need exciting and professionally-produced media to help your website stand out from the pack. Let Pitts Media help you craft engaging and unique e-commerce media to help sales and drive conversions.

Lifestyle Video

Lifestyle Videos are a great way to show off your company in action. Maybe you want to show off your company to prospective hires, or maybe you want clients to understand your business ethos better. Lifestyle Videography is a great way to familiarize your company with the world.

Product Video

Product Videos can make or break businesses, so give your newest launch the digital attention it deserves. Pitts Media can help you show off your products in their best light, regardless of where you advertise.

Video Post-production

Do you have some media that could use a little finishing touch? Commercial Post-Production with Pitts Media is easy and quick. We can help supplement existing media with editing services, and even help you supplement with fresh footage.

Safety Video

Safety Videos can save lives. From industrial to administrative, we’ve helped all kinds of companies compile and present their safety rules and regulations in an informative and engaging way.

Trade Show Video

Sales material can make or break even the strongest businesses. When you get those precious few seconds to make an impression, make sure your brand looks its best.

Training Video

High quality Training Videos are a surefire way to increase employee understanding and efficiency. Dated and dull training videos can leave employees’ minds wandering. We can help you hone in your process and present it in an exciting and memorable way.

3D Animation & Motion Graphics

Let our graphic artists help you craft the perfect 3D Animation & Motion Graphics. Presentations and web presence can be taken to the next level with professional animations and motion graphics.

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