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How Video Production Can Help You with Disruptive Marketing

Disruptive marketing is not your usual marketing strategy. It goes against the grain and disrupts the standard marketplace, hence its name. This type of marketing involves experimental strategies that usually challenge the status quo. You may wonder why people do this and why they do it in the first place.

Why Disruptive Marketing

Disruptive marketing allows you to shake things up, do everything differently and grab the attention of your target audience to your brand.

Through disruptive marketing, your business can:

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Increase your sales
  • Position you in a great position in your industry
  • Can get you in the press

Some examples of disruptive marketing tactics include:

  • Shatter stereotypes and represent the underrepresented
  • Call out competitors for bad practices
  • Draw attention to injustices and issues
  • Use “taboo” content
  • Create a fun interaction with competitors and customers via social media

One way to do disruptive marketing is to cause a healthy controversy so you can grab the attention of your target audience. And video is the best medium to do disruptive marketing because it is the most effective way to speak and engage with your audience. 

Listed below are ways how utilising video can be beneficial for your disruptive marketing strategies.

It Brings in New Creativity and Originality

Unlike images, videos have movements that are perfect for disruptive marketing. Using videos, you can create a story that can break stereotypes, push through boundaries and start conversations. You can achieve this through the rich story you tell, the characters you portray, and the key message your video delivers.

Videos impact people through the power of emotions, sounds, and sight. And when you use videos with disruptive marketing, there can be new creativity, originality and better impact.

It Brings More Scope to Push the Boundaries

Videos can offer many possibilities for pushing the boundaries of your disruptive marketing. Think about a print advertisement. It can convey a strong message that can disrupt the market. Now, think about how you can create a greater impact on people if your advertisement moves, speak to the audience and can be easily shared with the public.

And it is made possible using your existing resources, time, and techniques. Additionally, if you have a video production company by your side, then they’ll have the right skills and experience to create intriguing videos for your disruptive marketing.

It Elevates Your Ideas

If you have no experience in creating videos, you can hire a video production company to help you with your disruptive marketing efforts. 

With your vision and their expertise and creative ideas, they will be able to create a video that can disrupt the market, call out bad practices and even speak taboo content that can influence your audience to dig deeper and follow your steps. 

You won’t need to worry about anything because the video production company has all the skills, tools, and experience to create a video fit for your disruptive marketing needs. In this way, you’ll be sure that you maximize all your chances of creating a new flow that disrupts the market and creates a healthy controversy to drive your audience to your business.


Disruptive marketing involves many risks. It takes one idea that challenges the norm and puts it out there for the world to see so you can get people’s attention. One effective medium you can use is original and controversial video content that will capture your audience on a whole different level.

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