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Video Marketing Ideas for Higher Education Campaigns

Because of all the options that are available in today’s global education system, marketing your institution has become more challenging than ever. Aspiring enrollees now have the choice of attending online, and school reputations and rankings have lost their luster. Knowing this information, the responsibility of the school’s marketing department to step up their game. 

One way to better the marketing efforts of your school is to incorporate video marketing into the mix. These days, undergraduate students tend to look up prospective schools online before making a final decision. Video marketing efforts will give your competition a run for their money and ensure that your institution stands a chance in the marketing race. 

It may not be easy or straightforward to know where to begin in this endeavor. This is why this blog post will share vital information on how to wield video marketing strategies and attract the best of the best to enroll in the following semester.

Video Marketing Ideas for Higher Education Campaigns

If you are at a loss about how to use video marketing to promote your school, here are some of the most effective ideas you can try!

1 – Promotional Open Day Videos

Aspiring students who are out-of-state may find it difficult to travel to your location to attend an open day. They will appreciate it that you took the effort to upload promotional open day videos to help them make their decision about attending your school or not.

2 – Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are great promotional tools that can be used to showcase the school’s different assets. Showing all the facilities that are present on campus will entice potential students to attend the various programs you have available.

3 – Testimonials from Students, Alumni, and Faculty

Many decisions may be based on knowing that others have benefited from similar decisions in the past. Hearing and watching testimonials from real-life people who have good experiences to share about their time in the school will help encourage many aspiring students to send in their applications.

4 – Live Streamed School Event

Live streaming school events will provide a bird’s eye view of what it is like to attend the school. Whether the stream is about a seminar or lecture held on campus, or a fun competition between departments, aspiring students will be able to learn more about the culture of your school by watching these live-streamed events. 

5 – Social Media Posts

Social media is a convenient way to connect with potential students. Generating high-quality and relevant content, posting them on your social media pages, and making sure to stay engaged with potential students will ensure that you will be able to attract the right minds and talent to join your school in the coming semester. 


If you want to attract more students and increase your student roster in the coming semester, video marketing tactics may be the answer you have been searching for. Incorporating video into your current marketing model will drive more traffic to your school’s website and encourage more students to apply. 

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