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3 Tips to Make Your Video Content Gather More Leads

Video content is undeniably one of the most engaging types of online content today. If you invested in video production and used the output to improve your business performance but still have not seen any improvement out of it, you might want to recheck your process. A video can help you generate a lot of buzz and views, but that does not mean you can secure people’s loyalty and interest. 

Quality video ads should help you get enough leads, not just attention. Let this article give you some tips on how you reverse the experience. 

Determine Your Key Performance Indicators

Checking your improvement will be hard if you have no key performance indicators set at the start. Views and video reshares are not always enough to measure your content’s performance. It would be best if you determined which factors can help you assess its lead generation potential. 

Some of the best ones would be any of the following:

  • Engagement Rate: How many of the viewers watch your video until the end?
  • Play Rate: What percentage of your page visitors clicked on your video to watch it? 
  • Conversion Rate: After watching your video, how many viewers took action, such as clicking the link or filling out the form?

Choose a few of those factors and use them as your defined KPIs. Track and assess what you should do next based on their performance. By doing this, you will gauge a better idea about the performance of your video and how well it can help your business generate more leads. 

Bring More Kinds of Videos to the Table

Perhaps you should also offer more types of content to your audience. Consider adding variety to the kinds of video materials you release. This step is vital, especially if you are aiming towards B2B marketing. By exploring this tip, you emphasize your authority and mastership of what you offer. Here are some video ideas that might help:

  • Product Tutorial: Telling people how to use the products you offer will educate them and answer so many of their questions about your product. The more they watch videos like this, the more they learn about your brand and its value and offered benefits.
  • Educational Series: Take the tutoring to the next level by providing more solutions and answers to their concerns. Imagine creating your long article posts into a video they can easily absorb by watching with visual support? Doing this can increase your engagement as well as your credibility as a brand. You will soon get more queries you can turn into more content later. 
  • Customer Testimonials: There is no better way to add more credibility to your brand than to hear your customers speak about the products themselves. People love hearing and watching real stories, and by doing this, you give them more reasons to trust and try your brand. 

Retarget Your Ads Based on the Viewers’ Behavior

People do not always give you what you want on the first try. Some of your video watchers probably have seen your video and did not do anything about it after. You need to find these people again and remind them of their shown interest in your product. Retargeting your video ads can help you achieve it. New technology today will help you achieve this goal without too much hassle. They will track your ad watchers and prompt them to visit your site once more. 


Make your videos work for your brand. Implement these marketing strategies and witness how your video performance will improve. Success does not always happen overnight. You need to constantly try new methods to see which will fit the current mood of your target crowd and then make the adjustments again later. 

But make sure that you produce quality videos first. Pitts Media is one of the best video production companies you can tap in Alabama. We offer various media services, including video production and photography. Contact us today at 205.790.0560 or to learn more about how we can help.