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Mind-Blowing Tips to Make Videos That Boost Your SEO and ROI

When search engine optimization (SEO) first started in 1991, the way to the top of a search bar’s results page was the curation of text content. This ensured your website reached the first spot of the results (or lower) on the first page. 

This method has gone through many notable changes: from keeping the text as concise as possible, to as long as possible, to just the right number of characters so that search engines do not detect padding (which is detrimental to SEO), to various standards surrounding keywords, and so on. This type of content was king in SEO’s formative years, but something new is rising in the industry.

From static text and photos read from a webpage, video marketing or video SEO (VSEO) is gaining traction in the wake of the digital boom. VSEO has become a tool for the internet marketer’s arsenal to leverage site traffic and provide quality services for potential customers. 

Are you ready to make video marketing work for you without having to be a professional videographer? Here are some mind-blowing tips to make videos that boost your SEO and ROI!

Address the Problem and the Solution

The backbone of quality content is the effort that goes into conceptualization. Videos are a dynamic medium to communicate to customers as it combines text and moving pictures with stunning graphics and visuals. However, as with SEO content writing, the goal of internet marketing content is to both drive site traffic and customer transactions for your client.

As such, it is best to plan your video around search intent behind keywords instead of the actual keywords to be used. This approach gives you a higher vantage point when mapping out your videos and digs deeper into what your potential customers are really looking for online. 

Understanding this online customer psychology will help you make quality content that meets their needs and drives them to use your clients’ services to meet those needs. Remember to also use the keywords in the actual video to boost VSEO.

Be Concise with Text and Thumbnails

First impressions make a huge impact on site traffic. Your video quality may have been made by one of the best videographers around and could be a shoo-in at the Oscars for “Best Short Film,” but if the title and description read too long or the thumbnail is a grainy, low-resolution photo, potential customers will not watch it. 

Here’s how you can create the best title, description, and thumbnail:


  • Keep it at exactly 60 characters or below. Too long, and your title will be truncated in search engines and be ranked lower. Example: 10 VSEO Examples You Should Learn from Right Now!
  • A listicle (list article) type title works. Example: 5 Tips to Create VSEO That Drives Sales!
  • Also, do clickbait titles. Example: 7 Reasons Why VSEO Is the Future


  • Make it short and action-oriented. Example: “Here’s a 1-minute video explaining how you can create video SEO (VSEO) that drives sales!”
  • Do not stuff with keywords or unrelated terms, as that may affect the video’s SEO ranking.


  • Use a photo related to the topic or theme.
  • Make sure the thumbnail resolution is 1280×720 pixels or higher, so the image is clear, not grainy. You can ask a fellow videographer or graphic artist for clarification regarding this since they’ll be aware of this info.

Have a Sitemap for Your Website’s Videos

A video sitemap allows search engines like Google to find your content, boosting your VSEO’s rankings. This is one of the more challenging steps for VSEO as it can be created manually through a sitemap generator or WordPress plugins. This sounds a bit more technical compared to the last two tips, but it is absolutely worth the hassle if you want to step up your VSEO strategy.

Final Thoughts

Creating quality video content means addressing both your customers’ problem and solution, being concise with titles, descriptions, and thumbnails, and making sure your video is listed in search engines. It takes an understanding of what your customers want and translating that into content that adds value to their lives.

If all those seem too daunting for you to handle on your own, why not ask us for help? We’re one of the few video production companies in Birmingham, Alabama that create stories worth telling, are rooted in modern media practices, and—most importantly—can increase your ROI. Get in touch with our team of seasoned videographers today!