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How Animated Videos Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Animated videos are your new and fresh stake at a better digital marketing strategy. Video as a medium lets you tell your brand story, launch products, and engage customers while having their full attention, contrary to traditional marketing that primarily relies on text. 

But that doesn’t mean you can just post any video on your website. You still need a strategy and proper execution to arrive at your desired results. But when executed well, animated videos can provide you with excellent results. So what are you waiting for?

Here are the key benefits of using animated videos in your digital marketing strategy:

1. To Engage Your Prospects

Video is an excellent medium for when you want to impart information. It’s easy to consume and can fit a load of information in a short amount of time. Advertisers are generally competing for the customer’s attention, and consumers already have an overload of ads to look at every day. 

But with animated videos, you can describe a product in full detail and even demonstrate how it works. You can talk about the product for minutes without losing the customer’s attention. Animated videos can capture the attention of the laziest users, giving you a competitive advantage and potentially doubling your leads.

2. To Capture a Mobile Audience

Most people use their phones when they go on the internet to look for products, information, and entertainment. For instance, Facebook has significantly improved its video platform, making it easier to post videos. 

You can easily reach your prospects and widen your customer base with animated videos meant for mobile screens. Moreover, videos on social media like Facebook generally go viral and lead to multiple leads for your business.

3. To Improve Sales and Conversions

Using animated videos has proven to be effective at improving businesses’ sales and conversions. Studies show that adding video content on a landing page ups conversions by up to 80 percent.

Video content, especially animated ones, can significantly improve sales, whether direct or indirect. Prospects also like to know everything about a product and how it can solve their problems before purchasing. Therefore, you can use animated videos to create explainers to how your product or service works.

4. To Generate Leads

Explainer videos can greatly help with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Search engines like Google prefer web pages with multimedia content, including videos and images. When you properly optimize this multimedia content with relevant tags, they will be effectively crawled and indexed. 

In addition, videos also increase a user’s time spent on your website. That can significantly help lower your site’s bounce rate and improve your ranking. Animated videos can also drive traffic and leads from social media sites like Facebook and Youtube to your website.


Videos are now a staple in a digital marketing strategy, but animated videos are even better. Moreover, the ease of distribution from social media sites and websites makes this strategy even more effective. You only need the right creativity, knowledge of human psychology, and powerful animated video production to get the job done. 

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