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4 Things to Consider When Creating a Branding Video

So, you want to make a video, and you’re not sure where to start. Well, video production can be a bit complicated for someone without the technical expertise and artistic insight. That’s why there are many Birmingham video production companies out there you can easily here to make a video for you and your business. Whenever you hire a video production, it usually starts with a couple of questions to help them understand what your vision is for the video. Here are some of those questions.

1. What Specific Visuals Should be Captured?

Visuals are everything when it comes to video production. While you can ask for some advice from the video production company you hired, you probably have your own visuals in mind for the video you want to create. Even before you start shooting for the video, you need to identify any key events, scenarios, locations, or people so the production team can schedule them accordingly. So, it’s best to have a clear vision in mind of what you want to show in your video, so the production company knows exactly what visuals to capture.

2. Who Will Speak on Behalf of Your Company?

Depending on the type of promotional video you’re trying to make, it may require a “spokesperson” of some sort. Basically, someone who can narrate things about the company and/or the product you’re promoting. Most of the time, people turn to the company’s CEO for this as they’re typically the face of the organization that people look up to. The problem is, when a CEO speaks into the lens, it can really feel stuffy as they often get caught up in trying to communicate too much in the little time that you have.

This shouldn’t be the case all the time. In fact, you can always hire someone within the company or even outside that can effectively represent your organization. It needs to be someone with the charisma and confidence to carry your company’s banner.

3. Where Will the Video be Shot?

Shooting locations often depend on the story you’re telling. As mentioned before, it also depends on what visuals you want to show in your video. If it’s at your company headquarters, then coordination and scheduling will be easier. If it’s an offsite location, then it may require studio space or renting out an establishment. Wherever the location is, it needs to represent accurately represent your organization. Make sure to consider the surroundings and keep the backgrounds simple so the video shoot will run as smooth as possible.

4. How Will the Video be Hosted and Distributed?

You should also consider how the video will be released and distributed to the public and your target audience. This should be part of the planning process as it could affect the scheduling and even the manner in which the video will be shot. Are you going to release it on your own YouTube channel or Instagram account? Perhaps the company website? Are you going to send it through email instead? Your video will be produced and edited differently based on where you’ll be using it, so make sure you keep this in mind.


Creating a compelling branding video for your business requires careful planning and consideration. These questions should help you coordinate better with the video production company you hired to turn your video concept into a reality.

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