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3 Guaranteed Ways of Making High-Impact Brand Videos

As a company, it is your responsibility to resonate your branding with your target audience. While ads and public relations (PR) events are definitely a must-have within your business strategy, it is also applicable to have a couple of high-impact videos in your lineup of activities to ensure that your target audience will be able to connect with your products and services.

Regardless of what you are selling, there will be others in your industry that offer the same thing. Unfortunately, this makes the market more saturated and competitive than ever. This means that it is up to you to stand out from the rest. To achieve that, you must be able to create something extraordinary out of your current creative process and resources.

Print ads and radio commercials are old-fashioned and may end up getting less coverage for your business; that is why it is always more advisable to go towards the video route. Brand videos are the trend right now, and by relying on them to boost your products and services visibility, you may just be able to increase your sales.

If you happen to be a first-time marketer, chances are, you do not have enough knowledge or experience on the appropriate steps to accomplish this. In such a case, look no further than the following tips and recommendations we have listed below.

1. Be Clear About Your Goals

What are you trying to achieve? What is the brand video all about? Do you want people to be reminded about it, or are you introducing something new to them? These questions will determine the purpose of the video itself.

The thing about brand-related clips is that it is all about purpose. By knowing the company’s goals, you will be able to convey a message that the target audience will understand and relate with just in one viewing.

No matter how colorful or creative it is, so long as the goal of the company is delivered through the medium, you may as well expect it to excel.

2. Be Concise about Your Chosen Target Audience

Knowing the purpose of the video is just half the battle. You must also consider the target audience who will consume the medium you are about to deliver. While the message and its purpose are indeed important, if you do not know who you are going to speak with, you might end up sending it to the wrong demographic who may not relate to your branding efforts.

Be sure to invest time and effort in your marketing studies and determine who your exact demographics are. Doing so helps you create a branding message specifically for them.

3. Be Consistent with Your Brand Voice

This refers to the identity of your brand. If you do not stick with this, your target audience may not even know that your products and your brand are related to each other. It may appear that other establishments, or worse, your competitors, are trying to catch their attention.

Be sure to speak in your brand voice no matter what. This isn’t just about triggering familiarity, but it is also about letting your target audience know that your identity is a stand-out service provider. They must recognize that they are still dealing with a consistent and trustworthy company they can grow to love.


Making high-impact videos is just a matter of hitting the right buttons to make them more relatable and recognizable amongst your target audiences. While the goal of selling something new or recent to them may seem like the sole purpose of the video, do not forget that it is also about reminding them to support your brand more.

Being clear about your goals, target audience, and brand voice will make it impactful, but it will also be seen as a great video overall.

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